Zen painting – a meditative way of living

paintings for houses and offices


> Make your house or working place unique. This type of painting brings
harmony to any kind of environment, making your space peaceful and welcoming.

> Create your own painting, choosing one or more of the zen painting
subjects. The subjects are inspired by the four natural elements of sumi-e
(Japanese black ink painting), which are: bamboo, orchid, plum and
chrysanthemum. Each of those correspond to a human quality such as: strength,
gentleness, simplicity and beauty.

> Chose the paper you like, between many sort of rice papers or other
beautiful handmade papers. All paintings are made with black ink in all its possible
shades, on rice paper or other handmade papers.

The art works are made by Valeria Viscardi. She is a professional artist specialized
in Japanese black ink painting. Each of them is unique and not reproducible.

> 25x52cm Eur 175

> 30x80cm Eur 275

> 21x30cm Eur 65

> 30x40cm Eur 175

> 50x70cm Eur 230


On the link GALLERIE you can have an idea of the compositions.

For an advice and for orders contact: valeriaviscardi@hotmail.it, 0629258692.