Zen painting is especially advisable for office workers. The repetition of gestures helps to improve concentration and enable to be present in the moment. The process of painting requires to keep a straight back and an open chest, this helps to regain a natural posture and to dissolve stiffness.

While painting the inhalation is deep, allowing the lower abdomen to expand, this oxygenate the body and brain. The exhalation is really slow, this allow the muscles of the abdomen to exercise, thus become stronger.

Each brush stroke is made while exhaling, making use of the energy and concentration gained from the inhalation.

The attention is always kept on the hara point. Hara is a Japanese term indicating a point situated around three centimetres under the navel, which is the core and source of our vital energy. Becoming aware of this central point makes us feeling grounded and more in contact with our strength.

The process of painting stimulates our inner forces and makes us naturally in harmony with ourselves and our environment.


The workshops are for groups of 10/15 people at time. They can have place in the company itself or by the Zen painting studio.

For information and costs please contact: valeriaviscardi@hotmail.it